City Sky

We are proud to offer consultancy, professional advice, training and services in:

  • Fire Door Inspections

  • Compartmentation Surveys

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Fire Training

  • Fire  Alarm Design, Surveys and Consultancy

  • Fire Engineering design for Building Regulations compliance




We have been involved in the fire and life safety industry for over 20 years across many different sectors, clients and buildings.   Initially starting out in 'Active' systems (fire alarm systems, Public Address Voice Annunciation, Disabled Refuge Systems, Emergency Lights, portable and fixed suppression systems etc) with the changes in the industry in 2005/2006 and the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and Fire Risk Assessments this started to change the industry.

Life safety and the legislations that surround it have been built on disasters and the tragedy of Grenfell in 2017 again changed the industry.

For the past 5 years we have now been working in 'Passive' systems (Fire Doors, Compartmentation, Fire Stopping, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Strategy) as legislation changes, and buildings and the onus of ensuring these vitally important and integral measures are kept compliant.  Both Active and Passive Systems are now coming together and understanding these and ensuring our clients are aware and compliance is an ABSOLUTE must.