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Compartmentation Surveys

Fire compartmentation is a vital part of your passive protection measures.   In short the various compartments (floors, walls, ceilings, and roof etc) will determine 1) how your building is contructed, but 2) play a vital part in containing and or preventing how a potential fire (and smoke) could spread.     Each will have a strategic rating in terms of minutes (30, 60, 240 etc) and how long the will last.    Our experience and knowledge shows us though, time and time again, breaches in these compartments happen all the time.

Breaches can be a small as someone deciding they need to run some extra cables or pipes, make a hole and pass through the compartment without any thought to fire stopping the hole they have made.   All buildings and the layouts change over time and with this change, comes the potential change in the status of the compartmentation every time any structural changes are made (drilling through walls, new doors, walls, changes to risers etc).  These changes can affect the risk factor and ultimately the fire rating.  

Therefore a detailed compartmentation survey should be completed for any commercial and residential building.

At Imperium Fire we will visit your premises and report on any actions required, ensuring safety, protection and that your building compartmentation is fully compliant.

We will be pleased to look at all sites no matter of size and type.

Call or email us for more information.    

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