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Fire System Consultancy

Fire alarm systems are the core requirement for your Active protection measures.  Many systems despite ongoing maintenance are often overlooked on many angles.   Some considerations you need to look at are:

  • Category of Protection (CoP) - where you need to have detectors (sensors) - The must be agreed and determined by the Fire Risk Assessment (Assessor) under BS5839 Part 1.  There is often confusion over this and whose responsibility it is.

  • Age of your systems - there is no generic life expectancy in the industry.  Many manufacturers wont give an exact time on panel life, device life etc.   Mostly it is determined by the technology (electronic components) and where the manfacturers buy these from and whom.   It is considered 'good practice' to at least consider life cycle replacement betwen 12-15 years of a system but this is dependant on the environment the systems are operating in.

  • Detector Type - Optical only, multisensors, dual optical technologies, Co detectors, Heat only etc.   What you need to consider and take advice on again is the environment, the risk, and long term unwanted fire signals phenomena (false alarms).

  • Sound levels (dB pressure) - How often are these checked?   A new servicing company should undertake a full dB test on any new site taken over.  How often is this done though - many wont undertake this special visit due to costs.

  • System full tests on take over (or at least) a survey or dilap report issued.  But again an extra cost.

Using our experience and knowledge we are very pleased to offer any consultancy and advice or surveys on your fire alarm and other life safety systems.   

We will be pleased to look at all sites no matter of size and type.

Call or email us for more information.    

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