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Fire Door Inspections

At Imperium Fire we take a full 'cradle to grave' approach on everything we do.    On Fire Doors we will inspect every door that is deemed to be part of your compartmentation including (but not limited to) Corridor Doors, Escape Route and Stairwell doors, Riser doors, and any door forming part of your passive fire protection measure.  

It is a legal requirement to ensure your doors are inspected to the standards (BS9999 and BS8214) and the law (RR(FS)O).   Our assessors check each door up to 50 different points using our electronic survey, cloud based App.    Reports are then produced in PDF and excel format.

We also use QR coding for each door, to allow future scanning and information storage which allows easy recovery of door data in future for our inspectors and clients alike.

We take door inspections very seriously and recently attained BlueSky UKAS accreditation to demonstrate our commitment to quality, compliance and competency.   We will not only inspect the doors, but we will check the surrounds, compartmentation and other elements whilst there (including signage, active system detection etc).   Whilst this wont form part of the overall report, we will make notes to ensure you are made aware of any other issues we might find.

We will highlight any remedial works required and can offer to also have these fixed with the appropriate industry 3rd party accredited partner.

We will be pleased to look at all sites no matter of size and type.

We are pleased to work on new and existing sites.   Plus construction where fire doors are to be installed, or require inspection upon installation.

Call or email us for more information.    

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Fire Door Inspections Compliance to the Fire Safety Precautions document

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