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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) are a legal requirement under the RR(FS)O. 

All businesses have to comply with the Fire Safety Order and if your business has 5 or more people or your business needs a licence (for example, a licence to sell (retail) alcohol, you are a Landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) or a flats) you will need a written Fire Risk Assessment.

The Fire Risk Assessment is the audit of the Fire Strategy and should be reviewed annually.    We have a full team of qualifed Risk Assessors ready to help.

At Imperium Fire we are serious about life safety and ensuring our clients remain compliant.   As a BAFE SP205 certified Fire Risk Assessment company, we can demonstrate our commitment, competency and experience.   


We will be pleased to look at all sites no matter of size and type.

Call or email us for more information.    

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